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Philadelphia is home to a diverse community of thriving churches and ministries. Individual churches are changing the city for the better, and yet many Philadelphians remain isolated from God, other communities—even from themselves. Philly’s faith leaders need a unified vision to renew our city.

Over 60% of Philadelphians do not read the Bible. Philly needs the hope, unity, and belonging found in Scripture. Now, church leaders in Philadelphia are joining with the church engagement team at American Bible Society to engage Philadelphians with the life-changing power of God’s Word. Partner with us to bring the Bible’s transforming power to our city—and the nation.


Philadelphia is ranked 93 out of 131 cities for Bible-Mindedness


30% of Philadelphians are practicing Christians


71% of practicing Christians have read the Bible in the past week


Know your Church. Know your City.

The state of the Bible in Philly is different than in any other city. Access our extensive research to learn how Philadelphians are engaging with Scripture.


Become an Advocate for the Bible.

Join the mission to revitalize Philadelphia by partnering with other local faith leaders. Click below to meet other Philly leaders who are on the cutting edge of change.


Engage Scripture with your Church.

Are the people in your church eager to read the Bible? Engage your congregation in Scripture with a compelling Bible experience for today’s readers.

Through Look Inside, our Lord has opened a door to the Church of Philadelphia which no one can close. Together, we can do much in sharing the Word of God. Hallelujah!
— Malcolm